Fabric Air Dispensor Systems


We believe our Khan Fabric Air Dispersion System is the very best on the market today for the hydroponic market. Below is the difference between our fabric system and the sheet metal duct system:


Plug and Play

Our standard fabrics weigh less than 260 g/m2.

This minimises the load on the structural feature from which the system is suspended and provides good working conditions for the employees who are installing and maintaining the system. All lazer cut holes. Micro/Medical grade
Our Climate Control System has been engineered to work off a single phase 3 pin plug. Easy fit rubber pipes are an option for all but our biggest systems. Night and Day fully automated temperature mode selection comes as standard on al

No Condensation

Fabric dispersion systems made of permeable fabrics allow the release of air through the surface. This prevents condensation because the temperature on both sides of the material will be the same.

Condensation is not formed even in cooling systems involving great temperature differences. This is why a fabric duct is the best choice for the food industry, medical environments and sealed grow rooms.

Rapid, Low-cost Installation

Our systems are specially designed for fast installation. As the fabrics also weigh next to nothing, this greatly reduces the installation time.
In addition, Fabric Air Dispersion Systems do not require spending lots of time on balancing the system after the installation – everything has been defined in advance.

Better Indoor Climate

Silent Operation

Our air dispersion technology encompasses a wide selection of fabrics and flow models which can be combined for maximum comfort in the occupied space in virtually every type of project.

Our solutions are dimensioned to disperse the air without draughts and with the correct distribution of temperature. In addition, our solutions generate no noise and are very easy to clean.  

Transport of Rolled-up Ducts

Even large Fabric Air systems are conveyed easily and inexpensively to the installation site. As a result no unnecessary volume is conveyed because the ducts are rolled up, thus occupying a minimum amount of space.         

Our outdoor units are sient ! The target exhaust temperature for the outdoor unit is >4ºC<
once opperating at ‘on target’, well-engineered fabric dispersion system generates no or very little noise. This makes the product the preferred choice of consulting engineers, architects and other project managers – particularly in areas where the strict observance of noise-levels has a high priority. If combined with our rubber pipe commodity the whole system is able to be raised/lowered to suit grow cycles.

Easy to clean

Fabric ducts can be washed in industrial washing machines. The ducts are easy to dismantle and re-install, which reduces maintenance costs.

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